Visa stamping SUCKS

Stamp Travels is the best way to get your H1B visa stamped - World-class legal support, housing packages and a community of your peers.

Non-Immigrant Visa Application support

Don't spend hours filling out the DS-160 application, finding an embassy without a 6 month wait time, getting an interview appointment, preparing for the interview - all while being away from friends and family.We'll do it for you, with our world-class legal counsel.

Temporary relocation that's fun

We not only provide you with housing, but also a community. With planned social events like day/weekend trips and community building activities, your trip will be that much more fun.Having others going through the same process as you, can really help navigate difficult times.

Administrative Processing Support

In the last 3-5 years, more and more H1B visa applications are getting sent to "Administrative Processing". While this isn't all bad, it can often extend your trip by 8-12 weeks.If this happens, we'll be there for you with options for extended housing, travel plan changes and additional support.

By immigrants, for immigrants

We never understood the roundabout process to get a new H1B visa stamp. So, we started Stamp Travels to make this journey not only easy, but enjoyable.If you have the leave the US to get your visa stamped, why not make it fun? Reach out to find out more today.

Stamp Travels

We started Stamp Travels to improve the H1B visa stamping process for all immigrants. Whether you're a member with us or doing this on your own, rest assured that we're thinking of ways to improve this process for everyone.Sign up below to get started.

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